Sunday, 24 May 2009

Fabric tray

I have just made myself this fabric tray from two Amy Butler fat quarters - quite easy to make.... I know I will be making more of these.... keys, spare change, necklaces... the possibilities of what you could keep in them are endless. And the plus... I had some fabric left over for another project.

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  1. How useful! I regularly lose control of all of the bits and pieces I need for the project in hand my scissors, the reel of thread I was just using, my pins, pencil, unpicker, morsbag labels, Pritt Stick ....well you get the picture. They're all there SOMEWHERE on the sewing table, but it is a bit like trying to herd cats sometimes. I normally use a tray to keep everything together but this would be much more appropriate. Thanks Sazzie. (NIce fabric too!